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This product is a B2B marketing tool that enables companies to set up marketing campaigns. The main feature of the product is an advanced wizard that lets the user custom select a very narrow targeting group adjusted by geographical regions, interests, gender, age and many more. This solution would be of high value for enterprises looking to fit their marketing strategies to the exact image of the audience and to increase the turnout of potential customers. Owleks was commissioned to provide the end-users with a manifest of a very specific marketing campaign they can then proceed to order.



There was no finalized list of features or the UX from the customer and this project was more of a Proof of Concept with a possibility of product growth. The UI/UX requirements were not explicit, but we knew the web application had to be visually appealing.

There was an estimated 1 month period for the MVP to be delivered with a balanced budget and quality. If a customer sees the demand we will proceed with further development of the whole product.

The application was to be easy to comprehend, support white-labeling and multi-tenancy, so that other companies could use it under their brand. One of the crucial features was to make different companies able to set different prices for their services. Another was to enable particular features for specific customers in order to make the product customized for a consumer. We wanted the app to be easily installable and integrated into any business infrastructure.

Tech Stack


Choosing a technology stack was a pretty simple task for us. Since we have extensive experience with React and NodeJS, it was a complete no-brainer. We understood that we would be experimenting with UX/UI, so we offered using components and the client gladly approved.

One of the requirements was the price-quality balance, so going with plain JavaScript on both Frontend and Backend was rather self-explanatory. Typescript is great when you know that a project will grow fast and big, but it has some development time overhead.

To make the operations efficient time-wise we decided to go with Serverless architecture on AWS platform. It lets us forget about load balancing, availability and simplifies deploying environments. Apart from that, it is cheaper to hold Serverless deployment for such a type of project. We knew that the project might expand, so we felt the need for API documentation. That was one of the reasons why we wanted to stick to GraphQL.



The MVP went online in less than 1 month. Since MVP was successful, the customer was happy to proceed with full product development. It took 3 months to deliver a full version of the product. We`ve managed to create an intelligent software that assists in building a wholesome customers` image based on precise characteristics and a polished campaign solution.

The app operates a semi-automatic tool that allows to:

  • visualize campaign structure, consequently estimate cost and duration;

  • manage and modify data to create personalized offers;

  • select features and target prospects.

For our client, it was a successful idea that brought customers and funding for the next phases of development. At the moment the project is growing along with the customer base.

This product inspired us with ideas for new projects which we are currently developing. Efficient, yet smooth development speed and compelling quality are the outcome of choosing the right tech stack which the client is thinking of applying to his other projects as well.

We always succeed to see the merit of leveraging our resources and efforts to reach the client's goal for the project, develop partnership and increase the profit. It is rewarding professionally, it always pays off and we are happy to offer more.

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