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At Owleks we build ready-to-run software with clear guides and estimations

We offer flexibility to modify the scope of the project and the budget with the most convenient billing.

Outsourcing the product development currently translates as the best and quickest route to take the product to market. 

We build ready-to-run software with clear guides and estimations. What we will do:

  • receive your requirements;

  • analyze the project together, considering future goals;

  • breakdown the work;

  • draft a rough cost and time frames.

We recommend this service for small and medium projects which can be accomplished within 1 and 6 months. With a defined scope of work for such projects, we can help the client assess the terms to go into production and gain from the opportunity before competitors do.

Because of the well-organized processes, your product development cycle is open and accessible. Our developers will track the progress and report upon the results to the client daily. We will provide a dedicated team, regular communication and coordination, ability to test the functionality in the development environment.

Once reaching the goal, we ensure your product keeps up with the technological advance through the course of maintenance and support.

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