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At Owleks we build great software products to serve best your business goals

Catch Phrases

Why Owleks

Experienced Team

After years of experience in the IT market, we founded Owleks. We stand for immediate results, mutual satisfaction and quality software. We offer functional custom solutions to our clients in the shortest possible terms.

Quality Solutions

It is our professional gain to innovate your product and generate best custom solutions. Our engineers are committed to bring the software quality to the industry standard. We are fully equipped to make your product smarter.

Reliability and Scaling

All across the development cycle we can scale up or down easily and try to minimize overhead. We are aware how important time and investments are. Your team will be available at all times and adjust promptly, keeping efficiency a priority.

We Bet On Small Business

With our broad competence and years of experience we now offer SMBs custom solutions and product innovation. It is our goal to increase the revenue streams and the software quality and eventually prove to be a reliable business partner. We want you to succeed and be part of it.

Why Owleks

What We Solve

Small Business

We help startups and SMBs start quick and succeed with further anticipated maintenance. SMBs face a particular set of challenges and we are well-aware of the limitations and the favor of the most cost-effective options. After all, we are a business as well.


We choose retention over acquisition. Every customer is valuable to us. As a business, we care to build a long-lasting collaboration for mutual benefit. We wish to make your business relevant and competitive and to grow alongside.


Cost-effectiveness is crucial to SMBs, thus we build our teams accordingly. This makes us more affordable than large IT companies. We can manage to deliver our work on time and budget.

What we solve

Our Favorite Technologies

Our Stack

Our Services

MVP Development

We will help you form a legitimate idea, create a prototype and quickly deploy the product. While you focus on business goals, we will take care of the technical part.

Product Development

At Owleks we offer flexibility to modify the scope of the project and the budget with the most convenient billing. The client is only charged for the work performed on the specific project.

Reliable Team

Owleks will create a dedicated team for you without any fuss, so that you just get a final say. With the smooth-running processes and timely communication you won't even feel like there is a distance.

Our Services

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