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Our Services

Team augmentation

We build you a remote team that joins and follows your Software Development Cycle. You can expand your existing team by talented software engineers when you need it.

Constructing PoC and prototypes

Test your ideas by building Proof of Concept first. We deliver a production-ready MVP that helps to understand customer demand.

Fully managed remote team

We build a remote team for you and help with the Software Development Cycle. You can be sure that professionals handle your product.

Complete product delivery

You have an opportunity to focus on your product instead of managing the engineering teams. We completely handle the process and deliver a top-quality product to you.


Our Expertise


Our team started with strong web engineering competence. We all bring rich experience from a number of unique projects that empower our frontend development techniques. 


We all have experience in building projects starting from the database and finishing with rich UI. Building an effective persistence layer and user-friendly API is the core of almost every product. We strive to perfection in this area.


Most of the products require a mobile app, and we can offer our experience in hybrid app development. It brings great benefits like code sharing with frontend projects and reduces overall work between different platforms.


Our Technical Stack

We are offering only technologies we are good at. We aim to be outstanding in a narrow scope rather than being average in everything.


We have built a number of outstanding projects using React and we feel very comfortable with it. We believe that React has a brilliant ecosystem for building large-scale projects. 


NodeJS is our primary backend development tool. We have built many scalable and reliable applications using NodeJS and and our love to Node grows with every project.

React Native

We master our skills to make hybrid apps as smooth as native. At the moment, React Native brings brilliant performance in most of the cases. We enjoy working with it and believe that it brings a lot of benefits.

Amazon Web Services

We like to focus on the product rather than maintaining the servers. AWS brings brilliant infrastructure and services to build your ideas. We constantly improve ourselves with AWS services and pass the certifications.

SQL Databases

We use SQL databases in many projects. We focus on PostgreSQL and AWS AuroraDB.

NoSQL Databases

We have built many projects using NoSQL databases. Some of them are MongoDB, Redis, ElasticSearch. NoSQL databases solve a lot of specific issues and we constantly try to get better with it by passing certifications.

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