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Alternative  Data Targeting

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This is a specialized B2B marketing software for Alternative Data Targeting and is very well-sharpened for specific needs. This tool implements a framework for gathering information for marketing Alternative Data Targeting. The main part of the application is a complex form in the shape of a multi-step wizard. By following the wizard, the user receives an elaborate manifest on the targeting and price estimate according to requirements.



The main requirement was to make the application smooth, performant, and apply complex marketing rules and formulas correctly. Another critical requirement was to deliver MVP in under two weeks.

The project was expertly and thoroughly described. The client provided wireframes that explained all user actions and events. We also got a well-described and intuitive UI in Figma.

This project is aimed for a very specific need and designed for a unique customer experience that had little intent for future development. Yet, we wanted the main features setting to be made easy and a coherent performance.

Tech Stack


To make the development cost and time-efficient, we used our favorite stack: React as a Frontend Framework, as UI components library, NodeJS as a backend for business logic.


  • a seamless targeting tool to create a professional, highly converting web presence;

  • a well-tested project in under two weeks;

  • successful deployment supported by AWS platform;

  • happy customer.

We are in awe of how quickly this idea turned into a successful and profitable business solution. Increasing the revenue and securing the product with our most secure technology  in pursuit of client satisfaction measure to yet another professional win for us.

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